Leukemia Boy wish to become a police officer came true, ready with a complete uniform


A boy who has been suffering from leukemia for the past few months was given the opportunity to become a Police Officer last June.

According to the Batu Gajah District Police Facebook post, Muhamad Wirdas' younger brother Hafiy Bin Zhahrin Ain (10) has long harbored the desire and dream of becoming a police officer.

When given the opportunity to become a Police Officer, Muhamad Wirdas Hafiy's brother looked very happy and grateful for the opportunity to ride in the MPV patrol vehicle belonging to the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).

My sister with leukemia's wish to become a police officer was fulfilled

Fully dressed in police uniform, the child had boarded the vehicle with his family at the Batu Gajah District Headquarters (IPD), Perak. They also had time to visit the area around the police station.

Muhamad Wirdas Hafiy's younger brother and his family were then taken in the car to patrol around the Batu Gajah area.

They also stopped by Muhamad Wirdas Hafiy's younger brother's school at SK Sultan Yusuf.

With the cooperation of Make-A-Wish Malaysia, the pure dream of brother Muhamad Wirdas Hafiy can be fulfilled
For information, the program is the result of collaboration with an organization Make-A-Wish Malaysia. The global organization was first established in Arizona in 1980.

Interestingly, the story of the establishment of Make-A-Wish Foundation is said to be quite similar to the story of Muhamad Wirdas Hafiy's brother.

The child who is the starting point for this organization, Chris Greicius is a child with leukemia.

When the child was seven years old, he wanted to become a police officer to protect and save the lives of others.

Chris had no idea that his dream would inspire the creation of an organization that would change millions of lives around the world.

Until now, the objective of the organization is to fulfill the dreams of people selected through this special children's dream program.

Since then, the organization has fulfilled more than 500,000 dreams worldwide, for critically ill children in nearly 50 countries.

In Malaysia, Make-A-Wish Malaysia has collaborated with selected hospitals since 2010. The organization has fulfilled the dreams of children suffering from critical illnesses in this country.

At the end of the delivery, the IPD Baru Gajah left messages and hopes that touched the soul of the children.

"All PDRM members wish long health for brother Muhamad Wirdas Hafiy and hopefully the experience of riding in a PDRM vehicle and experiencing being a Police Officer today will be a precious memory for him!"

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