"Business for charity?"- Pakcik selling 25 side dishes in the bonnet of the car, the price is only RM5!


Nowadays it is not easy to find cheap food, let alone in the middle of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

That's one of the complaints customers have about rising food prices -- thus making them afraid to eat in shops and restaurants.

However, an elderly trader received a lot of praise when he still offered to sell mixed rice at the Rahmah price of only RM5.

Known as Lejen Nasi Bonet -- the trader also stole the attention of many because of the uniqueness of doing business using a car.

Through a viral video on TikTok -- it appears that the seats and the boot of the dealer's car are filled with containers containing various dishes.

There are various Malay side dishes such as red chicken, spiced fried chicken, fried fish, mackerel fish cooked with sambal, vegetables, yellow curry, and many more eaten with white rice

"25 types of side dishes, sold at Rahmah RM5. May God bless Wak, grant Wak good health," wrote Fitri Fauzi who shared the video on the TikTok application.

He added that the trader based at Wisma Consplant 1, Subang Jaya, Selangor started his operations at 11.30am, every Monday to Thursday.

The video also shows many customers who are queuing and waiting for their turn to take rice and scoop their choice of side dishes.

Going to the comment section, many netizens also praised the tenacity of the hat-wearing trader who is still in business despite his advanced age.

"This uncle is not doing business but this uncle is giving charity. I am a young merchant like uncle who can't do like you do.

"Oh God, it's cheap, everything is expensive, my uncle is giving this alms. May you be blessed with good fortune and good health.

"It's very cheap, uncle. But it looks delicious.

May the fortune be good for uncle,"

The netizen also gave a message to any individual who buys food with the trader to take side dishes in turn, according to the price.

"I hope whoever buys here, pay what they get. Don't take advantage of this uncle's generosity.

"It's cheap, uncle. But if I don't want to pay RM5 because I take a side dish that costs more than RM5.

"If we take more side dishes, we don't want to pay RM5. Give him a little more," some netizens wrote.

source: Fitri Fauzi

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