'Plain Water Menu and Cheese for Sale?' - Customers Feel Excited about Mamak Strange Menus


In this millennial era, many foods have followed this evolution. Most of them use cheese in their cooking which supposedly adds fat and cheesy taste.

But did you know that there is a Muslim Indian restaurant or what we call mamak that serves menus
which is quite strange and even more strange some people are interested in the food.

We always hear cheese fried bananas, lekor cheese crackers or cheese baked corn. Have you ever thought of drinking plain water with cheese? Aliff Restaurant does prepare this kind of strange dish.

In the video uploaded by Elyana it shows that she ordered some of the strange food and most of the menu became her favorite. Among the menus he ordered were teh tarik tomyam, tomyam syrup, Maggi Milo, Maggi tsunami, nasi lemak, fried nasi goreng and all of them had cheese!

Going to the comment section, the average netizen expressed feeling sick because all the food was topped with cheese, but there were also those who were excited to try it later and thought it was a new food that needed to be tried.

"Just looking at it makes me feel sick to my stomach" commented EddieSenpai who was not happy with such food.

"Everything wants to get cheese now. If it hits the throat, it's fine. But why do you need to put cheese in plain water?" asked FedyPutri, surprised that the menu was so popular.

Elyana seems to like all the food she ordered and shows the payment receipt in the video. A glass of plain water topped with a piece of cheese costs RM3 a glass and you have to pay RM80 for the food ordered.

He said that this food is not included in the menu but will be made according to the customer's order and the restaurant employees will recommend their 'best' food.

However, before Elyana uploaded the video to TikTok, there were already customers who ordered the following strange menus and the tomyam-based drink became their favorite.

Water such as coke, syrup, iced tea, iced Milo are put ingredients in tomyam cooking into it. Lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, carrots and cauliflower are sprinkled on top of the water.

Those of us who watch this sometimes feel a sore throat and sometimes feel like trying it. It's normal, appetite. But he has tomyam iced tea looks delicious, right?

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