Oyens Relaxed Behavior Perched On Atok Turban Makes Netizens Amused


Recently, cat lovers gathered together with their beloved fur at the Oh My Meow Expo held at the Midvalley Convention Centre.

However, one of the visitors and his 'employer' has stolen the attention of the public, including virtual citizens.
An elderly man wearing a turban was seen walking in the expo accompanied by 'Oyen' who was perched on top of the turban he was wearing.

different from this uncle and his cat. The cute cat with orange fur 'Oyen' was found comfortable to perch on his master's turban.

When taken for a walk, Oyen did not show any signs of discomfort. In fact, the cat seems to have a high curiosity about its surroundings.

Perhaps due to his high position, Oyen could see the atmosphere of the expo more widely through the top of his master's head.

The relationship between the man and Oyen is like Pokemon and this Pokemon Trainer has melted the hearts of the people, especially the visitors there.

Several cat lovers were seen stroking Oyen's backside as his master walked in their vicinity.

Virtual citizens also couldn't help but be fascinated when they saw the man's relationship with Oyen who was described as very close.

"May God give you a long life to always be with oyennnn," TikTok users commented.

"How cute, grandpa is ready to stop looking at other meows, he wants to give his grandson a friend, it looks like grandpa is really humble and a lover of meows,"

You can see a compilation of 'sweet' videos between Oyen and his master below:

sumber: @7lkrnn628

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