For the sake of taking care of sick mother and father, children are willing to quit work


After 5 months the mother died, the father 'followed' - "Be happy with the love of your brother"

Allegations overlap. After one test, another test came.

After about five months of the beloved mother's passing, this woman's father died.

"Being happy with the love of my heart there. I've been waiting for you, haven't you," said one of the captions of a video uploaded by a child on a social media site.

A fact that needs to be swallowed even though it is bitter, such is the situation faced by Masitah Marsidi who is faced with the passing of two loved ones in a short period of time.

Masitah takes care of his parents in the village in Felda Kahang Barat in Kluang, Johor.

Sharing stories, he said, his mother, Masnah Mohamad, 70, died of heart disease on February 9, while his father, Marsidi Mion, 74, was called by God due to kidney disease on July 28.

"Unbearably sad to say that I can't do anything. I tried to pretend to be busy to forget the sadness.

"Mother just left, father left us. Mom was in the ward for 11 days before she died and today she is fine, tomorrow she will be gone," he told mStar.

Masitah decided to quit his job to take care of his sick parents.

Looking back, the 31-year-old woman decided to quit her job as a clerk in 2020 after five years of service to take care of her sick parents.

"From before I got married until I was married, I took care of mom and dad. But since both of them are not well, especially since mom is busy going in and out of the hospital, I can't focus on work because I think about mom's condition.

"So, I decided to quit my job," he said who comes from Felda Kahang Barat in Kluang, Johor.
The last Raya with the late mother.

Married for the past nine years and yet to have children, the youngest of six siblings is grateful that the decision to quit work was the right one.

"I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to take care of my mother and father. They are in front of the eyes when healthy and sick. Thank God for this opportunity," he said.

I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to take care of my mother and brother. They are in front of the eyes when healthy and sick.

Masitah, who is a housewife, described her mother as very cheerful, loving and easy-going, while her father was quiet but generous with a smile and approachable.

"The passing of my mother and father made me respect every moment with them. I miss my mother's hugs and calling me 'dear' the most.

"Remembering aba's smile. His unhealthy condition requires him to walk with a cane, so he always hears the sound of the cane when he walks. That sound is still ringing," he said, adding that his late parents told him to take care of the sibling relationship.

cMasitah (standing, left) and husband (standing, right) with their deceased parents.

He who does the gift box business online also leaves orders to people out there who still have parents.

"Appreciate them while they are there. Take good care of them, don't abuse them. Gotta understand their situation when they get older, sometimes they become childish.

"Treat them well. Most importantly, take lots of pictures and videos with them if you have the chance to make memories today and in the future," he said.


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